Seeking Advice vs. Seeking Validation

All too often we find ourselves seeking advice to solve a problem we’re facing. Although seeking advice is what we should be doing, we often fall into the trap of seeking validation instead. It comes as no surprise that humans are self-serving creatures. Everything we do is to serve our own needs and wants. When […]

The Best Breakup Quotes For Men

If you search for breakup quotes you’ll typically find beautiful quotes that talks about love and relationships. However, the typical breakup quotes do not help you feel better but instead makes you feel more trapped in the pains of the breakups. This is why I’ve put together the best breakup quotes for men. These are […]

Dating Advice – How To Ask A Girl Out

A lot of guys are unsure how to ask a girl out so they typically don’t end up asking the girl out at all. It’s understandable. Guys don’t want to be rejected so they wait and they wait, but the time is never right for them to make the move. They let the chance slip […]

The Next One Will Be Better

Some of you guys might be going through a breakup and it’s painful. You don’t know how to get over this pain and feel like you’re living in a nightmare. Breakups are never easy. It consumes your mind and life and it sucks big time. I completely understand how you feel. The world doesn’t seem […]

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